High Quality and Nutritious Baled Maize Silage for Increased Milk Yields in Smallholder Dairy Farmers’ Cows

We help your cows produce more milk for you!

Maize Silage has been scientifically proven to help increase milk yields from dairy cows. Join the revolution today!

High Quality.

We chop the whole maize plants (including the cobs) at the milky stage when the nutrient level is optimal, and use bio-degradable, edible silage nets and high-quality, bio-degradable propylene films with UV protection to vacuum-bale it, giving them a 2-year shelf-life.


We use the latest vacuum baling technology for the highest-quality baled maize silage. The technology secures the nutrient content and preserves the nutritional value of the silage, thus enabling transportation over long distances without spoilage. This in turn addresses the low availability of quality fodder in the market and helps smallholder farmers have access to quality feeds all year round, even during drought seasons.


Our maize silage bales are affordable and well packaged.

Main Feed.

Maize silage is an important main feed for dairy cows as it addresses its energy needs for more milk production, and contains a good amount of protein.

Lasts Long.

Maize silage bales can last up to two years when well managed, thus improving the food security of dairy cows.

We deliver.

Directly to your farm. Call or WhatsApp us today for your order! +254795877205 You can also fill out our order form below and we will get in touch with you on your order.

We Train Farmers

We have a field team that trains dairy farmers on Cow Fodder, Dairy Cow Nutrition, Cow Comfort, Management and Husbandry, and Calf Rearing and Breeding; with an emphasis on feed, fodder and nutrition. With proper nutrition and management, a cow is able to have optimal milk production outputs, which in turn increases the farmer’s bottom-line.


Know more about maize silage and its benefits to you as a dairy farmer.

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Benefits of Maize Silage for Dairy Cows.

From affordability to increased milk outputs, maize silage is the go-to feed for dairy cows.

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