A Journey of a  Thousand Miles

We are passionate.

Our farm is a collective of amazing people committed to playing their part in contributing positively to society. The farm is the brainchild of our founder, Yebeltal Getachew, who, although not previously a farmer, his passion for gardening, nature and environmental sustainability led him and other three directors in 2019 to establish Yellow Grove Farms.

We are versatile.

We offer a range of niche products and services for the dairy and horticultural industries. We grow and process maize into silage and package it in bales to be sold to dairy farmers and provide baling services as well as free dairy farming training to interested farmers.

Our premium filler flowers that we grow for export are Hypericum berries (Hypericum Seasons (red), Hypericum Innocence (pink), Hypericum Green Power (green), Hypericum Magical Snowprince (white), Solidago Sunny Glory (solidago solar glory), Solidago Frida and Eryngium.

We are committed to excellence.

With a range of high quality flowers and maize silage, we are keen on addressing food insecurity in the dairy industry and growing premium filler flowers export and local markets.

We are keen on quality and nutrition, and provide excellent customer service to our clients.

Our Products

Yellow Grove Farms grows filler flowers and maize which is processed into silage

and packaged in bales to be sold to farmers for dairy feed.

Our Flowers.

We are commercial growers of solidago and hypericum, and we sell eryngium flowers. We ship worldwide. Contact us us for our flowers.

Maize Silage

We have dedicated 350+ acres to the commercial production of maize silage (which we bale after processing) to enable smallholder dairy farmers to get this nutritious high-quality feed at a much lower price point while increasing their revenues from milk produced.

Baling Services.

We offer Baling Services for farmers in Kenya. Call or WhatsApp +254795877205 if you’re interested, or fill our order form and we will get in touch with you!


We have partnered with Bayer East Africa Ltd., Agrico and Yara East Africa for a potato trial for East Africa. The results were astounding.

Solutions for Dairy Farmers

We produce high-quality nutritious maize silage for farmers, which has been scientifically proven to increase milk yield in cows, and train dairy farmers on Cow Fodder, Dairy Cow Nutrition, Cow Comfort, Management and Husbandry, Calf Rearing and Breeding. We also offer baling services to maize silage makers in Kenya.

Call or Whatsapp +254795877205 for these services, or fill our order form below and we will get in touch with you right away!


Know more about our farm and our products.

Contact Us

Call or WhatsApp us: +254795877205

Visit our Office: 2nd Floor, Ntashart Plaza, Kilimani road, Nairobi, Kenya

Visit our Farm: Saboti, Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, Kenya

Email us at info@yellowgrove.ke

Our Flower Catalog

We are always adding different varieties each year. Call us for your order!

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