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Who We Are

Yellow Grove Farms Ltd. Kenya is a collective of amazing people committed to playing their part in contributing positively to society. It is the brainchild of our founder, Yebeltal Getachew who, although not previously a farmer, his passion for gardening, nature and environmental sustainability led him and other three directors in 2019, to establish Yellow Grove Farms. The main objective of Yellow Grove Farms is to address the low availability of quality fodder in the market and introduce the latest vacuum baling technology which secures the nutrient content and preserves the nutritional value of the silage, thus enabling transportation over long distances without spoilage.

Our Vision.

To Become The Leading Player in Solving the Fodder Challenge with Optimized Growing, Processing, Robust Infrastructure and Innovative Technology that will provide Quality, Convenience, and Lower Prices of Fodder to Dairy Farmers in East Africa.

Our Mission

Building an Ecosystem for the African Dairy Farmer anchored on Affordable Access to Fodder to Increase Productivity.

Our Core Values

  1. Commitment to our customers

  2. Integrity in all we do

  3. Quality is our core

  4. Continuous Learning

  5. Be Good

Our Objective

80% of dairy farming in Kenya is dominated by smallholder farmers who lack the ability to produce a consistent volume of fodder largely due to special constraints. Most of them rely on traditional methods of chopping, wrapping and burying of fodder which quickly deteriorates in nutrient value after its first use, underscoring the need for quality commercial silage.

With baled maize silage, Yellow Grove Farms is able to commercially produce high-quality, nutritious maize silage that can be stored for up to two years with minimal loss of nutrients in its lifetime. The silage bales are also well-compacted, weather-proof, and easy to transport and store. Our packaging materials are all bio-degradable and the silage bale nets are edible. We sell this to farmers at an affordable rate that either equals or lessens their current feed costs, and offer transportation directly to their farm at a cost, helping them to make more profit from the cows while reducing/maintaining current feed costs.

Where We Started.

Starting with the propagation and export of summer flowers, based on local demand we increased our portfolio to include the production of large-scale commercial silage for use in dairy farming and also entered the soya beans market to address food security.

Our Products.

Our Primary product is baled maize silage sold to dairy farms and cooperatives. In silage making, we do large scale Maize production, process it through ensiling for fermentation and package the final product (maize silage) at our farm in Western Kenya. In parallel to support our core business We also grow seasonal potatoes and beans, and to cater for our forex needs, we export summer flowers through European auction houses.

Our Services

We bale maize silage for farmers and also train dairy farmers on all aspects of dairy farming, especially feed, fodder and nutrition.

The Team

Yebeltal Getachew


Kevin Otieno

Managing Director

Andrew Khaemba

Farm Manager - Flowers

Dennis Omondi

Accounting Supervisor

Geoffrey Rono

Commercial Manager

Cizarina Nasirumbi

Communications & Digital Marketing Manager

Our Growth Partners.

We believer that it takes a village to raise a child. We have partnered with those that we know are strategic to our vision and mission of creating positive impact to our society.


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Contact Us

Call or WhatsApp us: +254795877205

Visit our Office: 2nd Floor, Ntashart Plaza, Kilimani road, Nairobi, Kenya

Visit our Farm: Saboti, Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, Kenya

Email us at info@yellowgrove.ke

Yellow Grove Farms

Who We Are

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