Yellow Grove Farms is not just a business

We are a part of the community in which we operate.

Community Support.

In addition to our vision of supporting and encouraging local small-scale farmers to adopt a sustainable farm experience, we are committed to supporting the wider community.

Saboti Primary.

In 2020, when a heavy downpour of rain badly damaged the roof and buildings of a local school – Saboti CEB Primary, Yellow Grove Farms stepped in immediately to replace the damaged roofs and to restore four damaged classrooms. The school serves 500 families directly and indirectly in the remote Trans Nzoia area and is one of the only two public county schools within a radius of 7 kilometers. The student population is over 1000. While the county has assisted the school in the past, renovating classrooms that were in dire need of repair from the 2019 storm was urgently needed; and Yellow Grove Farms stepped in.

Timely Help.

The school headmaster Christopher Marango said, “Fortunately, we have found a well-wisher in Yellow Grove Farms who have extended a helping hand to the school. The classes were completely refurbished and made modern for improved student learning experiences, and are better than the old ones. Thanks to Yellow Grove Farms, our students are happy and comfortable in their new classrooms.”

Community Spirit.

Yellow Grove Farms believes in being an integral part of the community and knows that strong communities make a real difference to the people who live in them. By working with and supporting our neighbors, we demonstrate this belief every day.

We Care.

In line with our core value “Be Good”, we strive to do good to our community.

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